Foster Home Information


We appreciate your interest in volunteering with us! Foster parents are a valuable part of our team and make it possible for us to continue rescuing dogs.  

Fostering means to care for an animal in your home - in this case a dog. It's heartwarming to be part of the transformation a rescued dog makes from being frightened to thriving.  As a foster parent, you are a hero!   

We provide everything needed such as dog food, supplies, heartworm preventative, dog bed, leash, collar, and veterinary care. We also have dog food bowls and crates available to borrow. 

Our private Facebook group for volunteers and foster parents offers 24/7 encouragement & support in addition to the personal support provided.   

It's such a great feeling to know that by fostering you are saving two dogs; 
1. Dog you foster; 2. Dog who can now get off the streets and into the shelter where there is a chance for rescue 

Why foster?

  • We provide everything needed - no cost to you! 
  • Get to spend time with an amazing dog!
  • Short term commitment to test out dog ownership!  
  • Learn what it's like to have two (or more) dogs in your home!
  • You have a great excuse to go for walks & play!
  • If you opt to purchase something for the dog, it can be a tax deduction!
  • Your mileage used to pick up the foster pup and take to any needed vet appointments is tax deductible!

All dogs deserve to have a chance to be loved. Please, help us save more dogs. 

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