Pumpkin mash

For the first few days your pup is home, we suggest serving Pumpkin Mash to calm the digestive system.   

Feed this to your pup for the first 24-48 hours then gradually add in dog food while decreasing this mash over a period of 4-5 days.   

You will need

- ¼- ½ cup 100% Canned Pumpkin – not pumpkin pie filling
- ½ cup cooked white rice
- 1-2 tablespoons unflavored plain live culture yogurt
 - ¼ cup room temperature water or you can use chicken or beef broth


Mix all ingredients and serve at each meal time. We recommend feeding puppies (up to 6 months old) three times a day. Dogs over 6 months should be fed twice a day, or as directed by your veterinarian. 

The amount of each ingredient is an estimate. You may need to modify based on size of your pup. Ten pound puppies will need less than 80 lb adults. It’s not an exact science and it’s only for a few days.



Why canned pumpkin? This is not the equivalent of pumpkin pie filling. We’re talking only pureed canned pumpkin here, nothing else added. It can help avoid diarrhea and will firm up soft/loose stool from the stress of transport thanks to its high fiber content.



Why white rice? White rice is as bland as it gets, and it is also a source of soluble fiber. It absorbs water as it passes through the GI tract, which will help harden stool and add bulk.




Why yogurt? Make sure that you have non-fat/low-fat PLAIN (not vanilla) live culture yogurt. Thanks to the natural probiotics, it can help restore the balance to your dog’s gut and get all the good bacteria thriving.  




feeding guide

Pumpkin Mash should be given to the pup for at least 2 full days (breakfast/ lunch/dinner). If stools are solid, they can transition over into puppy food. Transition should be slow to reduce the chances of diarrhea:

Day 1/Day 2:  Pumpkin Mash 100%   

Day 3: 25% dog food 75% mash (stools still good?)  

Day 4: 50/50   

Day 5: 75% dog food, 25% mash (stools still good?)

Day 6: 100% dog food

Any sign of digestive upset add more Mash and reduce dog food. If at any point the dog is refusing food, try adding a splash of chicken or beef broth to the mash. You can also add left over boiled chicken at your discretion.



Start off gradually with the amount of food served. Light dinner on the first night home. Normal breakfast in the morning.

We recommend 3/4 cup of mash or mash + food per meal three times a day for pups up to 6 months old,   Please add water just before serving to make the food soupy for any pups under 6 months old.