The decision to re-home your dog is hard to make.  We suggest you take the time to think this through completely so there will not  be any feelings of regret. A dog is a member of your family. 

Are you moving? 
Moving is the number one reason people surrender their pets to shelters nationwide.  However, dogs can travel, homes can be found that are dog friendly, and there are pet friendly hotels. With a bit of planning, your dog can move with you. 

Does your dog have a behavior issue?
Ask us about it.  We have decades of experience with all sorts of dogs.  We can offer resources to assist you including articles and referrals to specialists.  If we can't help, call a dog trainer who provides positive reinforcement training. They can share insight and offer additional suggestions.  In general, dogs want to please their people. It doesn't take much time to show your dog what they need to learn. At least give it a try before you send your dog away.   

Do you think you don't have enough time for your dog? 
Think back to your application.  If you told us you worked 8 hours or more a day, we would not have placed a dog with you unless you made arrangements for doggy daycare, committed to adjusting work schedules, hired a dog walker for a mid day break or were able to bring your dog to work.  This is a commitment you made with the dog's best interest at heart. If something changed, find a different way to make it work.   

Most people who contact us about lack of time mistakenly think they are doing their dog a favor by finding him a home that has more time for him. However, most dogs are better off remaining in the home they know and love, even if it means they will get less attention for a period of time. This applies to dogs that are being properly cared for and not tied to a tree in the yard to be forgotten. 

New family member? 
Pregnant? New baby at home? Mother-in-law moving in?  Change is part of life - and dogs are resilient.  With their favorite people to guide them, dogs will adapt.  It takes time. It takes effort. It's something you need to work on every day and it won't be easy. But your dog trusts you, you are his world, and he will do anything to make you happy. It's up to you to show him how. 

If you had a child under the age of 10 when you applied for this dog, you would have been emailed our Parent Packet. Many things are discussed here such as a dog jumping out of excitement and knocking over a toddler, a dog taking food off from a child's high chair, the dangers of letting a dog chase a child, the need for 24/7/365 supervision between dog and child, and the risk of dog bites. Resources and websites were shared and can be emailed again. Just ask us! Bringing a dog home when you have a young child is a challenge and not all people are up for it.  We would not have sent this dog home unless you convinced us you had the desire and ability to live up to that challenge. 

Did you lose a job? Are you experiencing financial issues?
Your dog is a member of your family.  Would you give away a family member if money was tight?  Ask for help.  The local food shelves can help with dog food, learn how to provide your dog's vaccinations (all but Rabies are legal to administer on your own), cut back on cable TV, eat more home cooked meals, skip a vacation... Do what it takes to keep your family together. The Humane Society offers the following information to help:

If, after considering this information, you have decided to move forward with surrendering your dog - please complete the Owner Surrender form below. 

Detailed and honest information is crucial to the placement process, so please take the time to complete this application with care and accuracy. Undesirable behaviors and medical issues do not necessarily create problems in placement, however, not disclosing those problems definitely does. 

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