Zack & Zoey

Zack and Zoey are two sweet, silly pups excited to find their new homes. They are NOT a bonded pair and can go to separate families.
Overall, they are playful, cuddly, and make great sleepers and playmates. Read more about Zack and Zoey's individual personalities to
get a glimpse into their unique abilities, talents, and what they bring to a home! One of them just might be your new best friend!

The pups do not have to be adopted together. They are not a bonded pair.

We do not provide DNA testing which is the only way to know with certainty which breeds are in their genetic background. Our best guess is that they are a Beagle/Shepherd/Rat Terrier mixes.

All About Zoey:

Zoey is described by her foster mom as a "busy, dainty lady" and she loves to be involved with all the action of a home. Zoey is quick on her feet and excited to be a part of life in the North! Her favorite outside activity is finding twigs to munch on or chasing leaves around the yard. Zoey has famous "puppydog eyes" with her furrowed "eyebrows" and melts the hearts of the VTDR team.

While she does love running around to play, Zoey is also a great sleeper and self-soother in the crate, bed, or car. Zoey sleeps through the night (10 pm - 7 am) and loves to snuggle up in her dog bed with a toy or two. She gets along great with people and dogs. To our knowledge she has not experienced cats, but is at a great age to be introduced. 

Zoey is working on potty training and learning fast! She is beginning to show signs of asking to go out and is starting to get the hang of it. She will need a little bit of patience at the beginning of her transition to a new home - like all puppies do - but we expect she will do great once she is on a schedule and trusts her people. VTDR offers LIFETIME email and phone support to help with learning skills like this. 

Highlights about Zoey:

- Enjoys playing with other dogs 
- Great age to be introduced to cats
- Affectionate
- Up-to-date on vaccines
- Working on Housebreaking skills
- Crate trained
- Sleeps through the night 10 pm - 7 am
- Loves to spend time with people
- Well socialized 
- Eager to learn
- Favorite toy: Nylabones
- Likely Occupation: Princess
- Not Spayed* 

All About Zack:

Highlights about Zack:

- Enjoys playing with other dogs 
- Great age to introduce to cats
- Affectionate
- Up-to-date on vaccines
- Housebroken
- Crate trained 
- Loves to spend time with people
- Well socialized 
- Eager to learn
- Favorite toy: Ropes
- Thief: Steals socks, shoes, and your HEART!
- Not Neutered* 

Zack is described by his foster mom as a "floppy guy"--when you pick him up he just melts into your lap like he doesn't have any bones to hold him up. He loves to just sit and cuddle, but will also play clumsily with any toy. He especially likes chasing leaves in the wind outside which provides many laughs as he trips over his own feet! He's growing and those darn feet get in the way sometimes.

Zack is a potty training PRO for his age and has next to no accidents in the house. He prefers to do his business outdoors and will even whine to ask to go outside. Another strength for Zack is self-soothing. When put into the crate or separate play area, Zack will settle himself right down with (almost always) no whining or barking. He will play for a while and then go right to sleep. He sleeps through the night (10 pm - 7 am) without even needing a potty break.

Zack gets along great with people and other dogs. He has not experienced cats that we know of, but is at a great age to learn. Zack is working with a VTDR foster and trainer on Resource Guarding (wanting to protect his food, toys, and favorite people) and will need a family who is willing to continue his behavior training. 

This is a common issue and one we have helped other dogs resolve. VTDR offers LIFETIME phone and email support and we would work closely to assist his new family. We love Zacky Boy so much and are excited to match him to the perfect home.

* Based on current veterinary recommendations, they have not been spayed/neutered due to their young age. We do require proof of this procedure at a later date as part of the terms of our Adoption Agreement. Please discuss the correct time for this to be done with your veterinarian. We can provide a $75 rebate once the procedure is completed. 

Our adoption fee is $375 which includes age appropriate vaccines (such as Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies), worming, micro-chipping, and health exam. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided.

NEW: First vet visit is now FREE with participating VT veterinarians.

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