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Husky pups 


These 7 Husky mix puppies were born on 2/13/18 in Florence, SC. Their mom is a pure bred Husky (also pictured) who dug out from under a backyard fence while in heat. She is staying with her family in SC and will be spayed. 

Husky pups have high energy and very smart. They are not the type of dog who will be content with a daily walk around the block. Theses pups need experienced adopters who are committed to providing consistent leadership and exercise.   
In general, Husky pups have a high prey drive and may not be willing to share their home with cats, chickens, hamsters, bunnies or other small pets. If you have other pets at home, you may need to bring in a trainer to help them live together peacefully.  

The pups are sweet, affectionate, and playful. They enjoy romping around the yard with their siblings and exploring new things. 

- Well socialized
- Happy, playful
- Working on housebreaking & crate training skills
- Get along great with other dogs
- Up to date on vaccines
- Friendly, affectionate,
- Active
- Have not been spayed or neutered* 

* Based on current veterinary recommendations, these pups have not been spayed or neutered due to their young age. We do require proof of this procedure at a later date as part of the terms of our Adoption Agreement. Please discuss the correct time for this to be done with your veterinarian. We can provide a $75 rebate once the procedure is completed. 

Our adoption fee is $375 which includes age appropriate vaccines (such as Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies), worming, micro- chipping, and health exam. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided. 

NEW: First vet visit is now FREE with participating VT veterinarians.

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