Arriving on Sunday, August 5th  - 14 puppies total - 2 need foster homes - 12 have foster

- Scarlette is a stray from Birmingham, AL.  She will be about 5 months old when she arrives and weighs 16 lbs. 

Harry Potter pups have a lot of interest.  I'm going to invite 3 approved adopters to meet the litter at transport. One is coming from MA and if they decide to adopt, they will take the pup home that day . The rest need foster. They weigh between 4-6 lbs. 

- Petey is a single pup who was found as a stray in LA.He will be about  weeks old when he arrives. Currently weighs 5 lbs. 

- Roo & Winnie are small breed pups who weigh about 4 lbs each.  They will be 9 weeks old when they arrive. 

- Angel, Bella, Honey & Hazel (aka) Low Riders are  5 - 8 lbs each and will be about 10 weeks old when they arrive. There are 4 in this litter, but I've added two extra pics to show how small they area. Such cute little legs :) 

--> Harlie & Kyle can foster Harry Potter.  Thank you!
--> Heather can foster Girl 3/Ginny.  Thank you :) 
--> Jeanne is fostering Boy 2/Ron.  Thanks!! 

--> Meg can foster Roo. Thank you!!
--> Scarlette is going to Sue's house for foster.  Thank you Sue!
--> First time foster Alise (Hooray!!) will be welcoming Luna into her home. Thank you!!

--> Karen can foster Winnie.  Thank you!!
--> Hagrid & Dumbledore are going to Stephanie's house to foster.  Thank you!!
--> Dawn is fostering Angel & Honey.  Thank you!
--> Petey is going to be fostered with Amy.  Thank you!

Only Bella & Hazel are left. They are super cute low-riders. Please consider fostering.  

I need to borrow a crate *

Arriving on Sunday, August 19th - 17 pups total, 14 need foster homes, 3 have foster

Owner surrendered this litter of 7 puppies when they were 4 weeks old.  Some have spots of hair loss which have been examined by the vet and determined not to be contagious. It's not mange or from fleas.  Vet reports the areas without hair are caused neglect and malnutrition. They are all eating well now and antibiotics have worked. I've asked for updated pics   

Karen was thrown into a yard and brought to one of our rescue partners.  She will complete her quarantine mid August. Karen is housebroken, 12 weeks old & only 11 pounds. She will be about 30 pounds when full grown.

Rocky came into the shelter with 3 siblings.They were adopted, but he was left behind.  Super sweet, cuddly pup.

Charlie & Zoey are owner surrenders.  Since they are not subject to a stray hold, they are only given 24 hours to get rescue. Zoey's eyes are soulful and so sad. She & Charlie need some love.  They are about 14 weeks old, large pups, and may be 55 - 60 lbs when adults. 

Lion King pups were brought in to the shelter by animal control and quickly whisked out into a foster home in LA.  Some have short Basset hound size legs all like to play & snuggle.  

--> Maike can foster one of these pups.  Thank you!
--> Judy can foster one of these pups.  Thank you!
--> Meg can foster one of the fluffy pups.  Thank you!

I need to borrow a crate *