Arriving on Sunday, August 19th - 10 pups total and ALL 10 have foster homes!  Thank you!!

** BUMPED TO NEXT TRANSPORT- Petey is a single pup who was found as a stray in LA.He will be about 11 weeks old when he arrives. Currently weighs 9 lbs. 

- Rocky came into the shelter with 2 siblings.They were adopted, but he was left behind.  Super sweet, cuddly pup.

- Charlie is an owner surrender.  Since he is not subject to a stray hold, he was only given 24 hours to get rescue. He is about 14 weeks old, large pup, and may be 55 - 60 lbs when fully grown. 

** BUMPED TO NEXT TRANSPORT- Ron will be about 3 months old when he arrives in VT. He is playful, gentle, curious & laid back. 

- Caleb was a stray brought into the shelter in LA. We offered rescue right away so thankfully he was not in the shelter even 24 hours. He is in a foster home, is already housebroken and crate trained.  Very sweet pup. Current foster mom says he hugs her with a paw on each side of her neck.  

- Lion King pups are on hold.  Not sure what is wrong.  Kiara and Rafiki passed away.  Foster said they were fine, he went out to dinner and came home to find them dead. Remaining 4 have been taken to the vet in MS for observation. I wonder if they were poisoned. :(  I will share more once we see how the other 4 do.  Judy,  Stephanie, Amy, Jane & Alise --- are there other pups you would like to foster?  

- 4 Pups without names are now the Candy pups: Jelly Bean, Gum Drop, Licorice & Lollipop.  All a little scared in the pics as they were taken on the day they were transported to MS. 

- Rosie is 8-9 month old Lab mix who weighs 55 lbs.  She has been living inside with foster in SC, is housebroken, crate trained and starting to learn tricks.  Gets along well with other dogs . Video:  and

- Karen is 4 months old now (will update pic/age soon) but was stuck in SC until I could find a new transport. She is housebroken and crate trained. Great with other dogs. 

- Maple will be 8-9 weeks old when she arrives. Her mom is a Whippet mix who weighs about 23 lbs.  She currently weighs 7.3 lbs.    

--> Judy has offered to foster Maple. Thank you!
--> Katie P. is a new foster who will bring home one of the Candy pups.  Thank you!!
--> Stephanie can foster one of the Candy pups.  Thank you!!
--> Debbie will be fostering Rosie. Thank you!
--> Jane can foster one of the Candy pups - a female if available. Thank you Jane!!
--> Jeanne can foster Caleb. Thank you! 

--> Meg has offered to foster Rocky.  Thank you! 
--> Charlie is going to Sue's house . Thank you Sue!!!
--> Christi can foster one of the black Candy pups. Thank you!

--> Oliva can foster Karen for 1 week. Thank you!!  If she is not adopted by then can anyone help?   

I need to borrow a crate *