Arriving on Saturday, April 28th- 1 pup needs foster - adopter backed out - 6 pups have foster homes.  Thank you!!!

Pups are being fostered in a SC home that includes children, cats and other dogs.  We offered rescue to them about 2 months ago shortly after they were born.

Mom is a pure bred Husky with papers who dug out from under the fence in her yard while she was in heat. She is staying with her people. Really hard to tell who dad is...possibly a German Shepherd or Aussie.  Very sweet, super soft, happy go lucky pups. 


Stephanie can foster Eva. Thank you!!
Evan & Ellie foster with Emma & Alex.  Thanks!!

Thank you Abi for fostering Ethan!
Hanna can foster Eden. Thank you!


Erin needs a foster parent. Is anyone available to help?  

I am still fostering Arrow, Baxter, Luke and Bambi - so if someone could care for Erin, I would really appreciate it. 

Can you Foster one or two of these pups on Saturday, April 28th?  Thank you!