This little peanut is so sweet! Fern is settling in and getting along with all of the dogs in her foster home. She can Sit and is doing really well going potty outside. Very few accidents in the house. She knows that when she goes potty outside she gets lots of cheers and lovin' and she loves that! Fern sleeps in her crate at night and is very good at entertaining herself (and her foster family!).

Her foster mom shared:

Fern was running around the house with a toy yesterday. My dog Moose was lying on the floor. She ran up, put the toy right on his head and quickly ran away. He was stunned and for a split second that toy just sat on his head - until he lifted his head. It was so funny!

We do not provide DNA testing which is the only way to know with certainty which breeds are in her genetic background. Our best guess is Australian Shepherd, Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, and Hound mix. We expect the pups to reach 35-45 lbs as adults, but we can not guarantee size at maturity. Their mom has the appearance of a black Lab mix and weighs about 40 lbs.

Highlights about Fern :
- Well socialized
- Friendly, Affectionate
- Almost housebroken
- Crate trained
- Loves to play with dogs
- Playful, Curious,Cuddly
- Up-to-date on vaccines
- Has not been spayed yet *

* Based on current veterinary recommendations, she has not been spayed due to her young age. We do require proof of this procedure at a later date as part of the terms of our Adoption Agreement. Please discuss the correct time for this to be done with your veterinarian. We can provide a $75 rebate once the procedure is completed. Low cost clinics are listed here.

Our adoption fee is $375 which includes age appropriate vaccines (such as Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies), worming, micro-chipping, and health exam. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided.

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