Ariel & Jasmine have beautiful, soft caramel colors on a primarily black coat with ^Shepherd-like features. They are expected to reach 40-45 lbs as adults.  They are in Vermont foster homes. 
Ariel is one amazing pup! She is feisty and spirited,  active, playful, and snuggly! Best of both worlds. She holds her own with the big dogs, but can be submissive. She is curious and likes to explore.  Sleeps well at night, crate trained. Great pup for active person. Foster family takes her to the horse stable with them and she has met all sorts of people, dogs, cats, and horses. Well socialized puppy. 

Jasmine is a well socialized, happy pup. She gets along well with other dogs & cats. Loves to be held & snuggled. Is completely house broken and crate trained.  Has a cute skip in her step when she plays outside. Sleeps through the night. 

- Housebroken (Ariel is working on this skill and getting closer.) 
- Crate trained
- Enjoys playing with other dogs
- Good with cats
- Well socialized
- Up to date on vaccines
- Very cuddly and likes to snuggle
- Has NOT been spayed or neutered * 

^ We do not know the genetic background of the puppies - these are speculations. Mixed breed dogs are unique and do not fit the stereotype for breeds they may resemble. 

Watch for Ariel... left side of the screen (last 10 seconds of clip). She is having a blast playing with the kids!




*Based on current veterinary recommendations,  these pups have not been spayed or neutered due to their young age.  We do require proof of this procedure at a later date as part of the terms of our Adoption Agreement. Please discuss the correct time for this to be done with your veterinarian.  We can provide a $75 refund once the procedure is completed. 

Our adoption fee is $350 which includes age appropriate vaccines (such as Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies), worming, microchipping, and health exam. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided.

NEW: First vet visit is now FREE with participating VT veterinarians. 

*We work with shelters and veterinarians in 5 states. Each veterinary practice follows their own guidelines when it comes to determining the appropriate age to spay or neuter a puppy.