Claire is playful, curious and food motivated. She is good with other dogs, and at a great age to introduce to cats. Like most puppies at this age, she is working on her housebreaking, crate training and leash walking skills.

Her foster mom shared:

Claire is a busy girl who believes that naps are best when shared, no stick is too big, and when in doubt, you should totally chew on your friends!

She loves to chase toys, wrestle with the big dogs, and pounce on things. She prefers to spend her down time on top of her people, or at least snuggled tightly next to them. She hates to be cold.

She’s a chewer, and is currently teething. She’s working on big girl potty habits. Claire is doing well with Sit/Wait for impulse control with food, going outside, and exiting her crate. She’s a bit skittish initially in new situations and with new people, but warms quickly as things become familiar. She is a great snuggly companion who enjoys romping around with her friends.

We do not provide DNA testing which is the only way to know with certainty which breeds are in her genetic background. Our best guess is Doberman, Black & Tan Hound, Lab, Mini Pin mix. Claire currently weighs 17 lbs. We expect her to reach 35-40 lbs as an adult, but we can not guarantee size at maturity.

Highlights about Claire:
- Well socialized
- Friendly, Affectionate
- Working on housebreaking
- Crate trained
- Eager to learn
- Loves to cuddle
- Food motivated
- Enjoys playing with dogs
- Up-to-date on vaccines
- Has not been spayed yet *

* Based on current veterinary recommendations, she has not been spayed due to her young age. We do require proof of this procedure at a later date as part of the terms of our Adoption Agreement. Please discuss the correct time for this to be done with your veterinarian. We can provide a $75 rebate once the procedure is completed.

Our adoption fee is $375 which includes age appropriate vaccines (such as Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies), worming, micro-chipping, and health exam. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided.

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