Rescue an underdog - Become a Superstar with VT Dog Rescue.  Bringing dogs from the South into loving homes in Vermont.


So many sweet dogs saved!  More Superstar stories to share soon!

Zoe fka Krissy


We Love, Love, Love to see pictures of our VT Dog Rescue pups enjoying their new homes! 

This Darlington Darling was known as Krissy and just one week ago she was on the dreaded Put To Sleep list. She is now Zoe and lovin' life with her mom & dad in VT.

Thank you Steven & Simone for giving a rescued shelter dog a second chance! 

Zim fka Shere Khan

This handsome Lab mix was one black dog in a sea of many at a high kill shelter in South Carolina.  Now this cheerful, friendly boy is living the good life in NY with a mom & dad who love him. He also lives right on the lake so you can imagine the fun he's having on these hot summer days!  Thank you Jennifer & Michael for giving a rescued shelter dog a chance!

Kaia fka Sister 

Kaia is living the good life with her new family! 

This beautiful girl now has an amazing mom & dad, a little one, Jasper, who will grow up with her, and her new best friend, Shamus. Kaia & Shamus had an almost instant bond when they met.

She can spend lots of time exploring the woods with her boy & swimming together in the nearby pond. I see many fun adventures in her future. She may also help her dad train for a marathon! Kaia is a busy and very happy girl.

Brian, Anna, Shamus & Jasper - you are Superstars! Thank you SO much for adopting!

Eddie found his Dream Home!

VT dog rescue

Ahhh... Eddie is living the good life in Vermont!  He has awesome parents, an amazing buddy, Beemo, and so many fun adventures ahead of him!  His mom says Eddie & Beemo are already snuggling and grooming each other. Brotherly love!

"Throughout the adoption process I felt assured that Eddie would be a great fit for us, but he is actually a perfect fit.
He walks great on a leash, is intelligent, calm and very sweet. Our cat agrees, and the two have become good buddies already!
It's only been a few days but I can't imagine not having Eddie around, he's become my constant companion and I love him very much. I feel very fortunate that we found each other."

VT Dog Rescue is forever thankful to Emily & Dylan for saving Eddie's life and giving him a loving home!


Dollester (now Davison) is HOME!

Animal control picked up Dollester (now Davison) as a stray and dumped him at an overcrowded high kill shelter in SC.  He was put in an outdoor kennel with other dogs and he waited.  He watched people come & go and wondered why no one came for him. 

Meanwhile, in NH a family decided they were ready to adopt - and this time, they specifically wanted a rescue dog.  After contacting VT Dog Rescue, Lisa saw this handsome boy and fell in love. He is now enjoying the good life with his very own family and an awesome big sister to show him how sweet life can be as a dog. 

We are all SO happy for you Davison!  You beat the odds and are thriving with all the love.  Thank you Lisa for rescuing an Underdog and becoming a Superstar!