Benny (aka Yenny)

Thanks to our amazing foster mom, Jane, these dogs were saved from the Put to Sleep list tonight! 

STUNNING!  Benny is a Weimaraner/Vizsla/Lab mix coming to VT Dog Rescue! He is a well mannered, intelligent, 1 year old male.  

Benny enjoys being with other dogs and passed his temperament testing with flying colors.    

 He came into the shelter with his brother Ace. He can be adopted separately, but preference (and adoption discount) will be given if adopted into the same home. 

Volunteers who spent time with Ace & Benny shared: 

"They are young, only a year, still pups. They are whole lot less energy that I thought they would be. Maybe 5 or 6 out of 10."

"They are very smart, very much manageable, take redirection and direction great. If you wanted to run, they will run with you. If want to watch TV on the couch, they will sit and watch with you." 

"When they see you pass kennel they will jump on side with those long legs and make you think 'oh boy they might be tough to manage'. They aren't. They want you to get them, that's all. When kennel door opens they step back with head up to have leash put on." 

"They look more Weimaraner than Vizsla to me. Their personalities are more Weimaraner and Lab because the energy level is controllable and they redirect better than a Viszla. A viszla gets something in their nose and you can't get them to stop until satisfied sometimes. These boys will leave it. They are great! Love them both." 

"Ace is the leader, quicker to figure things out, takes lead. Benny more cautious, thinks before he leaps. They are a pair that if someone was looking for 2 dogs to adopt these boys would work well together. They aren't bonded to point that they have to be adopted together, but if someone was interested I could see it working good."

Our adoption fees are $300 which cover spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines (Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies), worming, general health exam, microchipping, discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services.